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Bringing Baby M Home

Bringing home your baby

I’ve been a parent for exactly four days and they are allowing me to take Baby M home. By myself? Here’s my memories our first day alone at home with Baby M.

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U for Five Useless Baby Gifts

When I gave birth, I was lucky enough to have more gifts than I knew what to do with. And, while I always appreciate the thought and energy behind someone choosing me a gift, there are some gifts given to new (and pregnant) moms that are plain useless. Next in the #AtoZChallenge is a list of useless gifts that you should skip giving.

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P for Papu

Papu. That’s what I called my dad when I was small. There can be all types of fathers – fathers that work, ones that stay at home or ones that don’t stay with their kids. It doesn’t matter what kind you are, what matters is the language you speak with your child.

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