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Memories not photographs


My mom has about 50 photos of her entire childhood. Not counting my Navjot ceremony, I have perhaps 300 (though I only have about 30 of them scanned and the rest are lost amongst my various houses). In comparison, Baby M has 2678 in only 9 months. And, these are only the ‘good’ photos that I’ve decided…

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P for Papu

Papu. That’s what I called my dad when I was small. There can be all types of fathers – fathers that work, ones that stay at home or ones that don’t stay with their kids. It doesn’t matter what kind you are, what matters is the language you speak with your child.

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I for Innocence

A letter for my dearest friend Innocence whom I have know since childhood but have lost touch with as I grew up. He is now my child’s best friend and it’s wonderful to have him around once again.

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